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RuleEffective Date
Cost basis stepped up to the value of contract at time of owner’s death October 21, 1979 – variable annuity contracts issued from this date on do not receive a step-up in basis at owner’s death. Any gain is taxable to the beneficiary.
Basic taxation on withdrawal (income first) August 14, 1982 – any investment made on or after that date in an annuity contract, regardless of when the contract was issued.
10% penalty on premature distributions January 18, 1985 – contracts issued after that date
Death of the holder (owner) January 18, 1985 – contracts issued thereafter
“Non-natural person” rule February 28, 1986 – contributions made after that date, regardless of when annuity was issued.
Death of “any” holder April 22, 1987 – for contracts issued after this date, death of one joint owner forces distribution even if another owner survives.
Gift of annuity April 22, 1987 – contracts issued thereafter
Multiple contracts treated as one October 21, 1988 – non-qualified contracts issued after this date by the same company to the same owner during any calendar year are treated as one contract for the purpose of determining taxable withdrawals.

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