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A Weiss Safety rating is an opinion of an insurance company's current financial security and its ability to deal with changing economic conditions. The rating is derived through analysis of a) public annual and quarterly statutory financial data, b) company survey's, c) other financial data, and d) management meetings and discussions. Ratings may be modified by a plus or minus sign to indecate the possibility of an upgrade or downgrade.

Excellent. This company offers excellent financial security. It has a conservative stance in its investment strategies, business operations and underwriting commitments. This company has the resources necessary to deal with severe economic conditions.

Good. This company offers good financial security and has the resources to deal with a variety of adverse economic conditions. However, in the event of a severe recession or major financial crisis, this assessment should be reviewed.

Fair. This company offers fair financial security and is currently stable. But during an economic downturn or other financial pressures, it may encounter difficulties in mainaining financial stability.

Weak. This company currently demonstrates what is considered to be significant weakness which could negatively impact policyholders.

Very Weak. This company currently demonstrates significant weakness and has failed some of the basic tests used to identify fiscal stability. Even in a favorable economic invironment, policy holders could incur slight risks.

Failed. Companies under the supervision of state insurance commissioners.

Unrated Companies. This company has total assets of less than $1 million, and therefore does not meet Weiss' minimum size requirement to receive a rating.

For further information, contact Weiss Research at 2200 N. Florida Mango Rd., West Palm Beach, FL 33409  (800)289-9222.

Last Updated: 9/23/2012 10:05:00 PM